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Client Profile - Victoria Gems, Houston Texas

When Ashish Bansal decided to open a branch location in “The Richmond Building” in Houston Texas, he wanted to create a showroom that would help his company establish a strong base from which to grow his wholesale gemstone beads business. Since he had recently moved from India and didn’t have many contacts in Houston, some of his neighbors in the building referred him to Eastern Lighting for help.

After meeting with Ashish and discussing his vision for the showroom, it was decided that the best option would be to install tracks parallel to the wall displays and fit Quadralux bulbs with wide angle lenses spaced evenly apart to provide even light coverage to the merchandise. Now the merchandise is well lit and the beauty of the high quality gemstone beads is fully revealed.

If you are a jewelry designer looking for high quality gemstone beads, make sure to visit Victoria Gems in Houston Texas.

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