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Client Profile - Denny Bales Estate Jewelry and More

Opened in Feb, 2018. Art by Mr. Jody Bustillos

When Denny Bales unveiled his latest retail jewelry store concept in February 2018, residents of Corpus Christi were treated to a visually stunning masterpiece. Upon entering the store, a silver convertible Porsche with a life size statue of a Dalmatian guarding the driver’s side door, can’t be missed. Walking deeper into the store you get the feeling you could be in an art gallery. Paintings by artist Jody Bustillos adorn the walls giving a chic museum quality to the meticulously designed retail space. As the name implies, the store not only offers a wide selection of estate jewelry, but also has a beautiful selection of fine jewelry - not to mention the paintings on the walls which are for sale.

To bring about this bricks and mortar masterpiece, Denny Bales turned to two stalwarts of the retail jewelry industry; Grice Showcase & Display and Eastern Lighting, Inc. The store was designed with an open ceiling concept utilizing track lighting over the showcases. Denny wanted intense white light over the displays to reveal the maximum beauty and luster of the jewelry pieces. In order to achieve this effect, the Quadralux Par 30 7500k 35 watt bulb was specified. To achieve the proper ambient light, 4 foot linear LED fixtures were suspended from the ceiling with cable. This assured that in spite of a dark ceiling, the floor and walls would be well light, and the paintings could be easily viewed.

Next time you’re in Corpus Christi Texas, make sure and stop by Denny Bales Estate Jewelry and say hello to Denny and his two Great Dane mascots, Captain and Admiral.

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