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Photography Light Box

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HD picture quality with your smart phone camera!

The same lighting that can make a jewelry display look great, can make pictures look great. We re-engineered our true color full spectrum showcase lighting, incorporating this technology to your photographic process. The results are stunning with vivid photos. Ready for Snap n' Post with little to no editing. Saving your TIME and MONEY!

It's all about the lighting! What if a photo tent just had better lighting? 

"Great tool to start my online business!"

"This made my product photos instant and easy"

"As easy as it is effective"

"The lighting is simply amazing"

- Marc, Long Island Watch

Check out the Photo Light Box in action from the Long Island Watch

"This product is a great marketing tool for

pawn shops"

- James, Heritage Jewelry and Loan

Check out the demonstration video from the Heritage Jewelry & Loan



Color Tuning

Buy Photo Light Box

Photo Light Box Model

4 lb.



LED Color



16" x 16"

24" x 24"

16" x 16"




Pure white

Pure white

Warm yellow to Cool white




3 lb.

5 lb.

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