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Client Profile - Di’Amore Fine Jewelers, Waco Texas

When Jayesh Pandya finally decided to move his jewelry store from its long time location in the mall, to a new free standing building, he wanted his new store to be the kind of place that high end luxury goods customers would feel comfortable making purchases in. To design and build the interior of his new store, Jay contracted with ARTCO in Miami Florida.

For the perfect lighting, he turned to Eastern Lighting, Inc. in Stafford, TX. Jay chose the Quadralux Par 30 7500k lamp to go inside the 6 inch recessed cans above the showcases. The Quadralux bulb gave the store the pure white light necessary to show off the intricate detail and beauty of his designer jewelry pieces.

If you visit Waco Texas, make sure to drop by and visit Jay’s beautiful jewelry store.

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