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  • Seamless design, amazingly bright - Take a clean and shadowless high quality photo. 
  • Large size: 5ft x 2ft x 30in - Good fit for taking photos of large items: clothing, guitar and guns.
  • High CRI LEDs - Giving objects the correct colors without the color wash out effect. 
  • Balanced Lights - Virtually all shadows are eliminated leaving a well lit display that enables the viewer to see the beauty of your merchandise without eye strain.


Watch the live demostration from the Heritage Jewelry and Loan (Sugar Land, TX)


*Please send email or us a call for customizable size: 1800-839-3604

Photo Lighting System (5ft x 2ft)

    • Weight: 8 lb.
    • Color temperature: 6500K (pure white)
    • Input voltage: 100-240 V AC.
    • Output voltage: 12V DC. 
    • Product dimension: 5ft. x 2ft. x 30in. 
Questions? Call 800-839-3604
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