The new Spectra-Lux is the latest in LED lighting technology. The new Spectra-Lux stands out from other LED bulbs because of its extraordinary ability to accurately render colors. If you want the subtle hues of your store’s interior, as well as your jewelry, to look the way they were meant to look, then this is the bulb for you. The lighting industry uses a photometric know as CRI (color rendering index) to measure a light source’s ability to accurately render colors. Most LED bulbs in the market today score between 60 to 80 on the CRI scale. The new Spectra-Lux bulb scores an amazing 98 CRI! Available in different color temperatures and beam angles. Comes in Par 38 and Par 30.

SpectraLux Par38

Lens angle
    • Stunning vivid colors
    • 1200 lumens output
    • CRI: 98
    • 30 Watts 
    • Up to 280,000 hours life span


    *Lamp holder not included

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